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Fitted Kitchens
& Bedrooms

Kitchen and Bedroom Joinery: Welcome
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Making your interior design dreams come true

Fitted Kitchens and Bedrooms are essential in the interior design of your home. With APR Joinery you can be assured that your finished result will be both functional and visually pleasing. Working with other industry professionals we will ensure your home has the finished look that you want, whether this is contemporary or traditional. This makes your home as individual as you are.

Fitted Wardrobes

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A beautiful solution to storage problems

A perfectly fitted wardrobe is a key but often overlooked addition to any bedroom. Wardrobes can fit an amazing amount of storage to suit your needs making them a practical and stylish storage solution. We install fitted wardrobes to perfectly fit the space that you have. Whether you need extra space for clothing and toys or storage for hobby equipment, suitcases and duvets, a fitted wardrobe is perfect for organising your room and creating a beautiful and tidy space.

Fitted Kitchens

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Create your dream kitchen

Kitchens can be functional masterpieces. Our many years of experience in planning and installing kitchens means we are well equipped to bring your dream kitchen to life. We will work with you to choose a layout and design to suit the way you like to use your kitchen making each day a bit easier and more enjoyable. After agreeing on your specific design, we will expertly install your kitchen to ensure it lasts for years to come, making any necessary alterations to existing furniture to fit seamlessly into your decor.

Wardrobes, Fittings & Cupboards

Interior Doors

Interior Doors.jpg

Interior doors

Beautiful high-quality doors enhance both the design and security of your home. Doors can be overlooked as they are something you use every day without thinking but matching your door to the style of your rooms adds subtle complements throughout your home. Whether you are renovating an existing room or designing a new space, we can provide the perfect doors to suit your style. Our years of experience and attention to detail will ensure that your door continues to look stunning and inviting for years.

UPVC Windows and Doors

Front door installed by APR Joinery

UPVC windows and doors supplied and installed

UPVC windows and doors have become popular choices in modern home design due to their affordability, versatility and durability. These windows and doors come in a variety of styles and colours meaning they suit a wide variety of styles. These beautiful and elegant complements are also great for insulation making them energy efficient. Simply put, UPVC doors and windows offer safety, durability and cost savings without compromising on style. We are experienced in hanging UPVC doors and installing UPVC windows to ensure you get the best from these fittings.


Flooring by APR Joinery.jpg

Laminate and solid wood floors supplied and fitted

We are experienced in providing and installing both solid wood and laminate flooring. We pay careful attention to detail, lining up each piece of flooring to ensure the precise application of your floors. With us, whether you choose solid wood or laminate flooring you can rest assured that your floors will enhance the look of your home and remain beautiful for years to come.

We can also tile your floor if this would better suit the interior design of your space.

Doors, Windows and Flooring

Laminate vs Solid Wood Flooring

At APR Joinery, we know first-hand how a stylish and expertly installed floor can transform a room. We install both laminate and solid wood flooring so you can choose which is best for your lifestyle, design and budget.

So, what’s the difference?

Both laminate and solid wood floors can add a beautiful complement to your home but there are key differences that will affect your choice.

Solid wood flooring 

Solid wood flooring is perfect for that classic and timeless feel which adds elegance and character to any design. Solid wood flooring is generally durable and resistant to everyday scratches. No two solid wood floors are exactly the same so you will get a unique floor that can be sanded and polished to last your family for generations.

Laminate flooring 

Made with fibreboard and advanced photo technology, laminate flooring is affordable, durable, scratch-resistant and creates a natural wood look. Laminate is great for kitchens or bathrooms where moisture can damage solid wood floors. We also recommend them to our customers with young children or pets due to its ability to handle heavy scratching and spills.

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Contact us to discuss enhancing your interior design today.

We are experienced and professional joiners in Pontefract. We have a range of experience which means we can help you realise your vision for your kitchen or bedroom.

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